The most important thing to consider when buying a medical wig is the comfort placed on the wearer.

The scalp will becomes delicate with hair loss, we recommend wearing a medical wig as it has been crafted with various features such as being gentle and breathable on the skin. The wigs have antibacterial and deodorant processing materials that always feels clean.

There are various wig materials and suitable styles depending on the customer. In order for you to be able to select a wig comfortably and reliably, it is important to have some knowledge on the wigs and know the secret to selecting the right one.
  • Select the right material for you
  • Find the style that suits you
  • Picking the color best for you'


There are 3 types of materials:
1) Synthetic fiber
2) Mixture of synthetic fiber and human hair
3) 100% human hair

Each of these has its own special characteristics. Please select the one best suited to your needs.
Material Good Points Points of concern
Synthetic Fiber
  • Made from synthetic fiber with an affordable price.
  • Maintains style well
  • As the hair cannot be dyed, we have arranged several colors of hair.
  • Less natural than human hair.
  • Less durable than other materials. The ends of the hair becomes frizzy due to static electricity.
Mixed Hair
  • Using synthetic hair and human hair, giving it a natural feel and look.
  • Difficult to change the style.
  • The synthetic hair become frizzy due to static electricity.
Human Hair
  • Gives off the most natural feel and look.
  • Capable of being permed or dyed.
  • Color will fade (This can be addressed with dyeing).
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We cut and adjust the sizes of our wigs according to the needs and facial features of each of our customers. Please feel free to try one on when visiting our shops.

  • Medical Wig

    A light medium layered cut that gently touches the shoulders.

  • Medical Wig

    A charming short cut with a soft sense of volume.

  • Medical Wig

    A style giving off a highly favorable impression to draw out the charm of the wearer.

  • Medical Wig

    A medium-layered bob cut offering the fragrance of femininity.

  • Medical Wig

    A popular and timelessly-desired standard short-layered bob cut.

  • Medical Wig

    A medium-layered bob cut with lengthy bangs to allow for cutting and arranging.